Czech for Foreigners

Czech as foreign language in virtual world Kitely

Teleport to Faculty of Education

You will reach the default region in Kitely after your first log in. Open your Map by toolbar button or press Ctrl+M, insert „faculty“ into the search field and press Find Then click the name of region and press Teleport button. Teleport via webpage Open Kitely webpage of Faculty of Education. Press Enter World button,… více


Toolbars are fully customizable. Right click on toolbar and select Icons and labels, for both text and icons. Select Toolbar buttons… for window with all available option, drag and drop icons into toolbar or remove them. There are 3 positions of toolbar – bottom, right and left. Just drop the button into position. Recommended buttons:… více

Text and Voice communication

You can use text and voice communication in virtual world. Text chat and Instant Message Nearby chat is text form of speaking with avatars around. Press Enter and start to write, or use Nearby Chat at toolbar. Press Enter to send your text. Press Ctrl+H for chat window with history of Nearby Chat. Nearby chat… více

Basic avatar and camera movement

Learn the most effective avatar movements and camera movements. Avatar controls Arrow keys are moving the avatar forward, backward, right and left. quick double press of Up arrow key means run instead of walk. PageUp, PageDown – short PgUp – avatar jumps, longer press of PgUp key means flying. PgDn is flight down and landing.… více

Firestorm settings

Settings of Firestorm are in Preferences, shortcut Ctrl+P and could be used before log in. Log In Location At the thumbnail General check Start in Location for possibility to choose the place after log in at a splash screen by checking Show Start Location on Login Screen. Graphic Settings Graphic settings are one of the… více

First Log In

Open your Firestorm for OpenSim. Choose the Kitely grid at the bottom of a splash screen. If the selection of the grid is not available, go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) thumbnail Advanced and check Allow login to other grids… Insert first name and surname of your avatar with a space between them, insert a password and… více

Registration and Instalation of Viewer

Sign up for virtual world Kitely for full access to learning environment. Registration into Kitely is available with your Facebook account, Twitter account or with email and password. Kitely is suitable for at least 13 years old, younger users need parent or guardian agreement and supervising. Registration Click Create new account button orSign Up link… více