Firestorm settings

Settings of Firestorm are in Preferences, shortcut Ctrl+P and could be used before log in.

Log In Location

At the thumbnail General check Start in Location for possibility to choose the place after log in at a splash screen by checking Show Start Location on Login Screen.


Graphic Settings

Graphic settings are one of the most important for the performance in virtual world. If you have older computer or slower internet connection, please set your Graphic carefully.
At PreferencesGraphics choose preset quality from Low to Ultra, or use Advanced settings.


Very important item is Draw Distance. Use the slider for distance for which the object will be displayed. Longer distance means more computing power is used.

Shaders define quality of objects rendering in the virtual world. If possible, check at least Basic Shaders. If your computer is laggy with all options checked, uncheck them from bellow.

Sound and Media

Set all sounds, videos and voice here.


Picture displays:

Mute when minimized – When viewer is minimized, you do cannot hear sounds anymore. Unchecked for audible sounds anytime.

Streaming music, Media and Voice chat are enabled Enabled – You can hear all sounds and voice communication around.


Allow Media to auto-play – when teleported to another location, all sounds and videos will be played immediately. Switch each of them off at right upper corner, see picture.


Headset or microphone and speakers are needed for voice communication.


Settings are at Preferences (Ctrl+P) – Sound & Media, thumbnail Voice

Hear Voice from Avatar/Camera position – When Camera is selected, volume of voice will be changed when your point of view will change. Avatar position is recommended.

Show voice visualizer over avatars – Shows white opaque dot above each avatar, when avatar is speaking green waves are visible according to volume of speech.

Toggle speak on/off when I press: Middle Mouse – Choose the key as switch for using Voice. When clicked, the Voice is on, when clicked again, Voice is off.
Select any key by Set Key option.
Toolbar button Speak can also be used as a switch.

Daylight, sun position and environment settings

Menu item World – Sun sets the day or night time. Use Midday (Ctrl+Alt+Y) for permanent midday time.

Menu item World – Environment Editor is advanced settings of color of light, skies and other environmental settings.