Text and Voice communication

You can use text and voice communication in virtual world.

Text chat and Instant Message

Nearby chat is text form of speaking with avatars around.
Press Enter and start to write, or use Nearby Chat at toolbar. Press Enter to send your text.
Press Ctrl+H for chat window with history of Nearby Chat.

Nearby chat is received in 20 meters distance from avatar.
You can „shout“ to distance of 100 meters, press Ctrl+Enter instead of Enter to send your text message in chat.

Private text communication is possible by IM – Instant Message. Right click nearby avatar, choose IM in pie menu and use the IM window.

Voice communication

You need headset or microphone and speakers for Voice.

You can turn on and off your voice chat by pressing a certain key or button.
For toggle-to-speak mode see the v Firestorm Voice settings.
You can use the Speak button in your toolbar – when pressed, you are heard. Check the box for setting the button as a switch – first click sets Voice on, second off.


Switch your Voice always off when speaking in larger groups of people to avoid the annoying noise.

Voice is available for IMs as a private Voice call. Use the Phone icon in IM.
Public Voice channel is not heard during private call.